Dentist in Overland Park | Gear Up – Protect Your Child’s Teeth

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Dentist Overland Park Losing a tooth can make simple tasks difficult. A missing tooth can impact the way you smile, eat, and talk. If your child plays sports, they are at a higher risk for losing a tooth. It is … Continued

Overland Park Dentist | Daily Flossing

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Dentist Near Me We’ve all been told at least once in our life that flossing daily is crucial. Here are four reasons why flossing may be beneficial for your oral health routine: Preventative care. Food and bacteria buildup between your … Continued

Cosmetic Dentist in Overland Park | One Tool for Better Gum Health

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Dentist Overland Park KS Loose teeth, bad breath, and painful, bloody gums – these are among the signs and symptoms of periodontal, or gum, disease. Unfortunately, periodontal disease can also begin without any obvious symptoms. If left undiagnosed or untreated, … Continued

Dentist Near Me | How to Deal with Sensitive Teeth

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Dentist Overland Park Tooth sensitivity is a condition that can make everyday activities such as eating, drinking, and even walking outside in colder weather painful and unpleasant. If you frequently experience a sharp burst of pain in your teeth when … Continued